SnapSafe Titan Closet Modular Gun Safe Review

By CJ Smith

September 7, 2013

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Edward J. McGunn, the founder of SnapSafe, and avid gun collector experienced what all owners of large premium gun safes do, the headache of moving a thousand pound safe up and down flights of stairs. So, with the experience of designing security products and quality safes for government, commercial and home, he chose to take the matter into his own hands and started creating fire rated modular gun safes. Modular, in it’s simplest form, means composed of sections for easy construction and flexible arrangement.

The SnapSafe Titan Modular Closet Gun Safe is a large gun safe designed to be shipped in pieces and assembled at home by the owner. It is very affordable at just over $1,0000. Designed to store up to 12 long guns and other valuables, this modular gun safe is an excellent piece of equipment.

Design – 5/5 Rating

The design of this safe is really what sets it apart from other high quality long gun safes. The modular design of the safe, as previously stated, allows you to store this safe anywhere in your house that has large enough space based on the dimensions. In addition, if you want to move the safe at a later point, you can remove your belongings, disassemble the safe, and move it to another room, or even a new house with relative ease.

The shelving inside the safe is removable, allowing you several different storage options. But, if you choose to go with the full gun capacity option, SnapSafe advertises capacity for 12 long guns, but that capacity number will depend on the style of gun you choose to store. Weapons with optics or pistol grips will take up more space, reducing the storage capacity of the safe.

You also have the option of going with a lower gun capacity shelving design. If you choose that option, it will cut the total capacity in half, but you will be able to use the shelving to store ammo, documents, jewelry, or any other valuable that you choose to secure inside the safe.

To go along with the physical design of the safe, the digital keypad is powered by a high-quality 9v alkaline battery. In order to replace these batteries you will need to remove the entry keypad by gently pulling it away from the vault door. You will know when the battery needs replacement by the low battery alert which is a constant beep during unlocking the safe. In cases where you are warned, you will want to replace the battery immediately.

Exterior Dimensions

  • Height: 59″
  • Width: 22″
  • Depth: 17 1/2″ (+3″ for chrome handle)

Interior Dimensions

  • Height: 55 1/8″
  • Width: 17″
  • Depth: 14 1/2″

Door Opening

  • Height: 52″
  • Width: 14 3/4″


  • 308 Pounds

SnapSafe Titan CLoset Modular Gun Safe

Body Construction – 5/5 Rating

The overall body construction, 3/16″ steel door, and 11 gauge steel body panels, stacks up to most upper tier gun safes. To go along with the solid steel construction, there are heat activated door fire seals.

Security – 5/5 Rating

The front of the safe features a 10 digit, UL Security Listed SecuRam, digital keypad, ran on a single 9v battery that utilizes a six digit code for entry. The locking mechanism uses eight 3/4 inch chrome steel locking bolts around the door to keep it securely shut. The safe also features pre-drilled holes in the baseplate for mounting. One of the drawbacks is there is no backup key so if you forget your combination, you will need to call SnapSafe and for $75, they will provide instructions on how to reset the combination. Should the battery die, the unit will remember your combination, simply replace the battery and you can open the safe.

If properly bolted to the ground, this modular gun safe will meet California Department of Justice criteria for weapon storage. It also includes a full one year warranty.

Fire Rating – 5/5 Rating

Unlike many other high end safes, the SnapSafe Titan modular gun safe, offers a fire protection at 2300 degrees for one hour. You will not find many safes that offer fire resistance up to 2300 degrees. But with that said, if you are storing important documents along with your guns, you will want to also purchase a fireproof box for those documents to offer another layer of fire resistance.

Overall – 5/5 Rating

This is a great long gun storage option as it offers many of the high quality features you find in manufacturers such as Browning, Amsec, and Winchester, but you get those features in a modular design. The steel construction of the panels and the solid steel door means that it would be near impossible for a child or burglar to get inside if properly locked. By electing to ship the safe in pieces, and making construction relatively easy, this safe is an excellent choice for someone looking to lock their guns in a basement for upstairs bedroom closet. Other than the door, all of the pieces can be moved by one person.

This modular gun safe only weighs about 300 pounds. If a burglar were prepared, and the safe was not secured, it would not be impossible for this safe the be stolen in its entirety, giving the burglar plenty of time to work on the lock. There is also no backup key for this safe. At $75, it is very expensive to have your lock reset. This will no doubt cause some people to write down their combination. This is always risky and should never be done near the safe.

Overall, this safe is an excellent choice for someone looking to safely store a several long rifles. The fireproof design will help keep your weapons and other important valuables safe in the event of a fire. This modular gun safe will undoubtable keep your weapons secure and away from children and burglars.

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2 thoughts on “SnapSafe Titan Closet Modular Gun Safe Review

  1. I bought an XL some time ago. The main reason I chose this brand was it being a modular safe, it was going in an upstairs bedroom. There are Pros and Cons to this. Communication was great, couldn’t ask for better customer service. When it arrived it was brought right to my garage door. Unpacking was straight forward and very well done. Every panel was easy to take upstairs by myself except for the front and rear panels, along with the door. Assembly is a simple process but I had troubles with the fireproof blankets staying in place. Maybe I did something wrong but they were a real BEAR! They never did completely cover the inside walls. My fear is that with the blankets leaving gaps it seems the “fireproofing” has been comprimised? The panels fit very tight and can be a bit of a pain getting them into place, but once they are in, it looks great. Door drops into place easily as well. The lock seems to be fine and was very easy to program. I have troubles keeping the heat gaskets around the door in place. They won’t stay stuck. Every time I open the safe, the strips fall loose or off completely. I’ll have to glue these on some how. Also, when the assembly labels were removed, they left a very nasty residue behind. I tried GooGone and Goof Off, but neither worked. I tried Denatured alcohol, a mild cleaner/de-greaser, it started to remove the black paint. So my guess is that these safes arent a baked on or enamel finish.

    All and all its a good safe and protects my weapons from theft should I be robbed, which was the main reason I purchased a safe. But I’m concerned about how well it would do in a fire. Thats something I hope I’ll never find out.
    Bottom line, would I buy this again or recommend it to a friend……. probably not, and honestly, I wish that wasn’t my answer. I really want to recommend this safe but the most I’d say is it’s “O.K.”.

  2. I am a retired mechanic and have an appreciation and respect for good design and well manufactured products. I needed a safe to store my guns and some important documents. A buddy of mine told me about a company that made a ‘modular’ safe and I did the research on the web and found SnapSafe. I studied the website and looked throughout the web at reviews before I made my purchase. The reviews I read were all pretty good so I was somewhat confident that I would be receiving a quality piece of goods.
    The order process was easy and I was shocked that I got a shipping confirmation email in just a couple days. Attached to it were the instructions to assemble the safe. I printed off the instructions and studied them before my SUPER TITAN safe arrived. I had a good feel for the assembly process before the shipment got here.
    The trucking company called the day before delivery and dropped it off in my garage the next day just after noon as they promised. The thing was packed really really well…. probably over packed to protect the paint and parts. I pulled everything out and then carried (with my neighbor) every part down in my basement. The steep stairway and limited maneuvering area of my basement steps are the reason the modular aspect appealed to me. Once they were all down there it took me about an hour to assemble my safe, hang the door, and load it up with my stuff.
    Again, I was a mechanic and built or fixed lots of machines over the years. I’ve seen well designed and poor design. I’ve worked on well built and shoddy. This safe is a very well designed and quality product. The machining of the parts, the ‘fit and finish’, the powder coated paint job…. ALL first rate. I’m a little surprised that in todays world you can buy something of this quality that is this heavy and bulky and get it shipped to my door for the price. An excellent value.
    Each part had an assembly sticker on it that was handy in guiding assembly but I was already pretty up to speed after downloading the directions before the safe arrived. I can see how someone might not get the fire blankets quite right in it and the interior assembly if they didn’t take the care like I did to carefully put everything together.
    Great safe, great price… I’m very satisfied

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